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Cakes can always be ordered from Love Bites Treatery. 
The reason cakes are labeled as "sold out" on the website is that I can only do fresh cakes locally in Grand Rapids (perishable items cannot be mailed). This means that regardless of the purchase / destination location, the cake must be hand delivered by me personally. It's also important for me to talk to you before you place your order because each cake is personalized and made-to-order, from the ingredients and flavors selected, to the personalization of your furbaby's name on a custom Birthday Bone adorning the top of the cake.

Cakes are 10" in diameter and traditionally come in Peanut Butter & Oats with a Sweet Banana frosting, but can be made to suit your pet's allergen limitations and flavor preferences. Depending on your dog's size (or the size of the party you're throwing him!), cakes can be 1-layer or 2-layer (each layer is about 2/3" thick and there is frosting between each). 
Just email lovebites616@gmail.com with your order requests.

When ordering, please allow 4-7 days for preparation. Rush orders are sometimes possible but are not guaranteed. Cakes can be ordered further in advance as well, just indicate when you need it finished in your email.

So, to order your cake, please email:
lovebites616@gmail.com with "Cake Order" in the subject line.
tell me:
Your Name
Your Phone Number
Your Address (this is where you tell me if you live oustide Grand Rapids and will be traveling to pick it up - we can arrange a meeting place from here)
Your Dog's Name (as you want it on the Cake)
Your Dog's Age (if you want it included on the cake)
The Reason for the Cake (adoption, birthday, adoptiversary, animal event etc)
Color Preferences - choose up to 2, 3 if you must. (Try to keep it fairly simple please - no “light summer chartreuse” or “midnight lilac hum” or anything crazy).
IF YOUR DOG HAS ANY ALLERGIES / DIETARY RESTRICTIONS - it is quite easy for me to work with almost ANY dietary infringement (really! - I study this stuff!) If you need an ingredient list pre-compiled for you to check with your vet first, I can do that as well. 
If you have any other concerns or requests, include them in the email.


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