Catnip Mice

Catnip Mice


New! Direct from local Michigan artisan Janet Guru, organic catnip-stuffed mice for your kitty to enjoy! Catnip offers a stimulating and play-inducing effect at first, but after a while, will lull your friend into a lovely little catnap.

These are a non-profit item, only carried to donate to local cat rescues and TNR (trap-spay/neuter-return) programs. $3.00 of each purchase is donated to these local (s)heroes, so they can continue their work and provide ongoing care for rescue/feral cats in our community.

**NOTE:** I will try to accommodate any color requests, but can only work with the colors I have at the time. Please denote any color preference at time of order, or by email accompanying your order to Color preference cannot be guaranteed.

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Finally! A great way to treat your cat to a fun-filled toy that’s locally handmade and supports shelters.
Stuffed with organic catnip and polyester. Acrylic yarn, woven in a particularly strong pattern.
All profits to local cat rescues and TNR programs!