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After 3 years, Love Bites Treatery is finally ready to expand - into the food sector! I am proud to announce that the new line of sprouted, dehydrated plant-based dog food will be available mid-February! Until then, Love Bites would like to select a handful of people to try out this new creation, for FREE.

First, a few FAQ’s:
1. Why plant-based?
There are many benefits to adopting a plant-based diet, both for you and your pup. For one, you’ll be decreasing your environmental footprint by an enormous factor in water usage, land usage, deforestation, methane emissions and food efficiency, just to name a few. You’ll be eliminating the vast majority of dietary toxins by removing the bio-accumulated pesticides, antibiotics and hormones from the equation. And yes, you’ll be saving hundreds of cute, sensitive animals every year from being used, abused, and ultimately killed in horrific ways.

2. But dogs are omnivores?
Yes! Dogs are omnivores, meaning they can live a healthy life eating plants, animals, or both. If the reasons listed above appeal to you, listen up, because that means that your pup can be healthy and thrive on a carefully planned plant-based diet. (No, this doesn’t mean you should feed your dog tofu and avocado toast every day).

3. Ok, but what’s actually IN the food? My dog is very particular.
I’m glad you asked! Love Bites’ Sprouted Dog Food is made with a proprietary blend of beans, lentils, peas, and seeds. Free from gluten, grains, corn, soy, dairy, eggs, animal protein, fillers, by-products, this food features nutrient powerhouses like pumpkin & flax seeds, vitamin-rich sea veggies kelp & dulse, non-grain energy-packed seeds amaranth & buckwheat, and even Love Bites’ signature Miracle Powder multivitamin blend.

Ingredients: Sprouted Lentils, Sprouted Green Peas, Sprouted Amaranth*, Sprouted Black Beans, Sprouted Red Beans, Sprouted White Beans, Sprouted Pinto Beans, Sprouted Buckwheat*, Coconut Oil*, Sweet Potato*, Zucchini*, Carrots*, Kale*, Parsley*, Dulse*, Flax Seeds*, Miracle Powder* (Diatomaceous Earth*, Pumpkin Seeds*, Nutritional Yeast*, Sunflower Lecithin*, Dolomite Powder*, Kelp*, Chia Seeds*, Ascorbic Acid*), L-Carnitine, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D3.
*=Certified for Organic Use

Garaunteed Analysis (by dry weight):
Crude Protein: 23.2% | Crude Fat: 11.1% | Crude Fiber: 3.58%
mineral content on packaging.

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