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What makes Love Bites different?


Love Bites treats and foods are all handmade and organic, and most products are made with DVM Pitcairn's Healthy Powder multivitamin, proven to enhance condition of skin and coat, boost digestion and metabolism, and fortify bones and joints. It is also available as a pre-mixed food additive with bonus benefits of Diatomaceous Earth and pumpkin seed powder, aiding in whole-body health and even preventing/eliminating internal parasites.









Love Bites donates to shelters

As a volunteer, I started making home-made, nutritious dog treats for the shelter pups at Kent County Animal Shelter in 2015. Most of the food and treats available there are donated, which doesn't always equate to the best nutrition. In looking for a way to sustainably produce treats for shelter dogs at KCAS and everywhere, I started Love Bites Treatery, slowly expanding to more shelters and thus more dogs in need, and I recently started making food as well, enabling me to provide more stable, daily nutrition for shelter animals.
*Treat Donations: Shelters receive a weight of treats equal to the weight of treats sold by Love Bites.
*Food donations: Shelters receive one meal per sample box purchased, and five meals per small box purchased.


Custom KOOKIE Cakes

  • Birthdays

  • Adoption Days

  • Adoptiversaries

  • Holidays

  • Training Graduation

  • Dog Weddings

  • Just Because :)

Love Bites is now offering custom KOOKIE cakes for your upcoming puppy party! Many different flavors are available. The typical flavor is Peanut Butter & Oats cake with sweet Coconut icing. Pricing is as follows:
~1 layer: $20 +tax
~2 layer: $25 +tax
Pricing includes lettering on the cake and a custom Name Bone. Cakes are typically round and 10” in diameter, but I can accommodate most custom orders.