Why Plant-Based?

People choose plant-based for a variety of reasons. If dogs could, they’d choose plant-based because it’s leaner, cleaner, and gives them more energy. For all the reasons factory farming is harmful to the environment, animals and human health, commercial dog food is worse, because typically protein sources are the “waste” products of products for human consumption. Not only does this mean low-quality protein, often from sources like feathers, beaks, hooves, entrails, etc, but it also means bio-accumulation of animal hormones and environmental toxins like pesticides, antibiotics, and waste from the animals farmed. By choosing plant-based, people AND pets can benefit from a 98% reduction in these health hazards.


Why sprouted?

Sprouting is the process of soaking a seed or pod, then draining the water and allowing air and sunlight to aid in the germination process. This causes the pod to release a shoot and/or root in the effort to start growing a new plant out of itself. Talk about magical beans, right? Well it gets even better - because sprouting magically transforms the nutrients, too! This process boosts protein and fat content, reduces carbohydrates and starches, amplifies phytonutrients (plant vitamins) like Vitamins A, C, E, and B complex. Sprouting also further breaks down plant fiber, making the nutrients even more readily absorbed.


So, what’s in Sprouties? Real, whole, organic foods. Take a look!